Why is it called ‘The Take’?

Welcome to my blog.

By way of introduction, I’m Andy Ford. I work as the roving reporter for the best fishing show on television – Tight Lines on Sky Sports

Here I’ll be writing about some of the stuff I’m lucky enough to be involved with through my links to the programme.

‘Tight Lines’ is on every Friday on Sky Sports. If you miss it, you can catch some of the films we make here.


I travel all over Europe covering just about every possible aspect of angling, from coarse to sea, freshwater to salt.

Here you’ll find my ‘take’ on a few things related to the sport, and the films I help make for the programme. All of the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

But what else? I’ll also be posting links to films we show on ‘Tight Lines’ when they appear on our site. There will be links to a few of the older films we’ve made over the years too.

There are loads of different disciplines in our incredible, diverse and amazing sport.

Whether you fish on a river, a lake or in the sea, whether you want to catch carp, chub, trout, barbel, roach, bass, dace or pike. Pellet? Lure? Fly? Maggot? Boilie? Or half a frozen mackerel? Whatever you choose, and whichever species you are after, you’ve got one thing in common with every other angler out there.

There’s one special moment for all of us which is without compare. It’s the moment your float twitches, then dips, or when the bite alarm bleeps for the first time. The rod tip arcs around, or line starts peeling from your reel.

That heart-stopping, glorious moment, ladies and gentlemen, is called The Take.

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